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I manage and perform for our Family Company; Pluister Entertainment, Inc. I've been a professional Disc Jockey for over 35 years, have spoken to crowds in the thousands. 
I have performed at thousands of Wedding Celebrations and have trained my terrific children to be excellent professional Wedding DJ's. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Project


I bought some url's last year and haven't done much to publicize them. So this is a shameless attempt to post them into some search engines…

But I also have things to say!

Studio Cat- Tubby
I gave myself a project for the long northern Michigan winter season. I began in late October and am only about half way complete… I have the best Studio helper in Tubby. He's really good at holding my pencil while I boogie.

I am listening to every song in my computer library. I have around 12,000 songs from every imaginable genre' (except for maybe some death metal). I sorted them by title and began with A-Tisket, A-Tasket by the Andrews Sisters right before Halloween of 2013. As I write this I am listening to songs that begin with the word "My…".

WHY? you may ask… For a number of reasons really. Let me explain:

When songs that were recorded in analog get transferred to a digital master, they don't always sound that great. Some of the dynamics seem to be missing. Led Zeppelin for example mastered to digital sounds like it's coming thru a tin can! Then, when transferred to a computer there can also be some loss. So I have become the "Director of Quality Control". I check each song for audio quality. If it doesn't meet my standards, I grab the CD off the shelf and re-rip it into my MacBook. 

Another reason for this project is to properly identify the song's genre' and other sorting options. I will identify if a song is good for Cocktail, Dinner, Dancing, Father-Daughter, Bridal Dance and more. I will also make note of songs that are explicit or just plain bad. 

I've also been archiving tracks off the computer that never get played and burning hard copies of CD's that I've purchased.

But- the main reason that I've challenged myself is because of how much I love music! Some days it seems like I should be doing something more productive… but it's not like I can mow the lawn!

So far, my journey has been incredible! There are so many highlights, it's hard to put into words. Music that soothes and moves me at the same time include the Jazz greats like Miles and Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Sinatra and Tony… Music that makes me dance in the studio is mostly R&B tracks from Detroit and Philly, Marvin Gaye and James (expletive) Brown! I enjoy some old Hank, George, Waylon and Willie… And the Rock! Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Santana, Hendrix… When it comes to great old Rock and Roll, it doesn't get any better than dropping a needle on my turntable. You'll hear the original recording when listening to a record. The dynamics return, the ambience, the breathe between words… vinyl is where it's at for sonic quality.

My resolution for 2014 is actually the same one I had last year. To be the best Disc Jockey I can be.

I encourage you to dig into music that you may not be familiar with… and to sell me your old records!

Tom Pluister